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Hymenoptera Identification Course

Wasps and Parasitic Hymenoptera
Punta Cana Ecological Reserve, Biodiversity Center, Punta Cana, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
1-14 September 2008

This one week Hymenoptera course will be held in Dominican Republic. The focus of this course is on the identification of stinging and parasitic wasps. Click here to view a slideshow of photos from previous HymCourse!

Also the powerpoint presentations from previous HymCourse are posted here. These presentations were created by instructors: Dr. Michael Sharkey (Hymenoptera Institute), Dr. Lubomir Masner (Canadian National Collection of Insects), Dr. David Wahl (American Entomological Institute), Dr. Lynn Kimsey (Bohart Museum), Dr. Michael Gates (USDA-ARS Systematic Entomology Lab) and Dr. Matthew Buffington (USDA-ARS Systematic Entomology Lab) and provide an excellent introduction to the Hymenoptera plus insight regarding collecting, identification, and behavior.
Anyone with a desire to learn about identifying wasps including students, researchers, and naturalists alike are encouraged to apply to the HymCourse.

Michael Gates, Research Entomologist
(202) 382-8982

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