While the skeletal matrix is being built and long after taxon based collaborators will be generating morphological and sequence data for individual superfamilies. These exemplars will be scored for most of the characters in the skeletal matrix as well as characters that are informative only within the superfamily. When completed each will be combined with the skeletal matrix and numerous publications will result, e.g. Phylogeny of the Cynipoidea.
At least three of our team members have an interest in fossil Hymenoptera (Arrow 2) and a matrix of fossil taxa will be constructed separately, primarily by Alex Rasnitsyn and Mike Engel. As with the superfamily matrices, this matrix will be added to the skeletal matrix and coded for as many of the skeletal characters as possible. With the use of fossils we hope to obtain estimates for the timing of splits for the major lineages of the Hymenoptera.
There are three investigators that are looking at specific character systems (Arrow 1) in great detail across the Hymenoptera using the exemplars of the, i.e., Lars Vilhelmsen: Internal musculature of the thorax; Susanne Schulmeister: Male reproductive system; and Andy Boring: Female reproductive system.  These will be added to the skeletal matrix and it is expected that each of these investigators will author a analysis of the evolution of their character systems in the context of the skeletal matrix.
All of the superfamily matrices, morphological matrices, and the fossil matrix will be combined with the skeletal matrix to form a supermatrix (Arrow 3), the analysis of which will be the culmination of our research (Arrow 4).